Ship to the most countries

Shipping methods, estimated shipping time:

- Airmail, 1-7 weeks (most popular)

- Flat (Surface), 2-4 months (cheapest)

- EMS, 1-3 weeks (the fastest)

- DHL, 1-2 weeks (use only for some categories. Gas Shock absorbers, for example)


COLLECTING TIME for the parts:

HONDA 100-300cc 0-2 weeks (we can get it quicker ( in 1-2 days) for extra pay, in case needed parts stock in the main warehouse)

HONDA 301-650-UP 4 weeks

Kawasaki 85-150cc 0-2 weeks

Kawasaki 151-1000cc 3 weeks



Due Covid-19 there  may be some restcrictions for the shipping methods, some methods to some countries may be temporarely not available, some delays may appears on the way, and so on, please contact us to update any information for your country.

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