How to Buy

1. Put the items to the cart buy press the button "Add to Cart" for each item 

2. Go to the cart and press "Place the order" (you can see the cart sight on the right top of the screen)

3. Fill the form. Press "Confirm the order!". (We will give you shipping cost later)

4. We will check your order, set up the shipping cost and approve it for be paid. We send you notification letter by email (and via messengers automatically)

5. YOU got the letter with "PAY MY ORDER" button (it doesn't work, read a little bit more), contact us via email or any messenger to GET the PAYMENT LINK.

to get the most quick response get us via: whatsapp, telegram, email.

(all displays in CONTACT US menu).

6. Paid your order. Your order start to work. (read next below for the ordering time).

WARNING! the AUTOMATIC payment doesn't work ("PAY MY ORDER" button)!! please contact us for the payment details (paypal, wu, bank transfer etc)


Please consider as a rule, preparing order 1-2 weeks.

If we can make it faster we will definitely do it!


Payment may be done using your paypal account or debit/credit card.

All deal garanteed by PayPal protection.


If you want to check the SHIPPING COST only, please follow 1-4 steps, the shipping cost will dispalyed in your order page after we check your order.


If you think the shipping cost is too high, contact us via email (some countries are still no reagular post)


For correct delivery IMPORTANT! We need your postal details:

- full address

- zip code (if any)

- contact phone number 

- name surname receiver


ORDER TIME (general rules)


We usually stock:

- aftermarket and original accessories (some categories)

- most demand OEM spare parts.


Most parts should be ordered and usually come within 1-2 weeks to our store:

- OEM spare parts Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki (under 150cc)

- some aftermarket accessories.


OEM spare parts Honda over 300cc (some categories of spare parts)

- preorder 4 weeks


Spare parts Kawasaki over 150cc

- preorder 3 weeks



- oem spare parts out of  stock in the main warehouse. Preorder time may range from a few weeks to a few months. Very rare thing but unpredictable and can be confirmed after parts has been ordered only.

- customer can apply for refund after 2 months since supplier confirmed the part in back order. Refund can be applyed for only the part in back order- not the full set/kit which the part being part of (you can get set/kit without that part or we can send the back ordered part later for extra charge).


You can contact us on any time:

  • email  2thbike@gmail.com (always check the SPAM folder)
  • telegram +66651108610
  •  whatsapp +66651108610

We always answer within one day


Thank you!

In case you need any help or you can't find the parts you need, please feel free to contact us, we will happy to help.

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